The Enseada do Espelho Inn is located at Espelho/Curuípe Beach, a matchless paradise in the southernmost region of Bahia, amid scenic cliffs and calm crystalline waters.

The Inn

Elected by the 4 Rodas Guide as a Pearl of the Brazilian Coast for its charming as well as efficient service, and outstanding cuisine, Enseada do Espelho Inn offers to its guests a warm and inviting atmosphere with privacy and total harmony with nature. Enseada do Espelho has four garden suites, two upper garden suites, and one master suite.

The Beach

Espelho Beach is an ecological paradise that is part of two environmental protection areas and an extractive reserve. Its beauty enchants all who visit its many natural tide pools, bathe in its calm waters and see first-hand its diversity of green hues, beside the multicolored cliffs that serve as the perfect backdrop.


Exemplary service is paramount to Enseada do Espelho Inn.   Our guests are warmly welcomed with a complimentary drink.  Each suite awaits our guests decorated with freshly picked flowers grown locally.  Housekeeping is provided daily.  In the evening, each suite is pampered with a pillow top confection.  Hand painted plates and napkins will surely enhance the dining experience.  Upon request, personalized entrees can be served anytime of the day seaside.


Complimentary accessories:

• WiFI

• DVD Collection

• An assortment of books

• Beach Towels

• Snorkeling equipment

• Kayaks

• Paddleboards

Environmental Preservation

Aware of the importance of preserving nature and environmental sustainability, Enseada do Espelho Inn uses solar power for water heating and practices selective trash collection. Its architecture is integrated with natural vegetation.  The furniture and décor are a reflection of Bahia’s  local identity.